Retrieving Data at end of match

After I won a match of grifball, the last one before leveling to 96 and while using a boost, at the end it says “retrieving data” and then claims the match never happened. Please tell me that this is just a minor glitch and I will be awarded my full xp soon. The match was over, hopefully it didn’t count as a DNF. This happened to my whole fireteam too, this isn’t the first time this has happened to us. Fix it please.

I would not consider this a minor glitch, as it will rip people off of their REQ points. Happens to me from time to time. Usually once per play session, but today it happened on and off, and I wasted an RP Jackpot boost because of it. 343 needs to get their crap together with these bugs…

Honestly, I’m pretty pissed that this glitch still isn’t fixed after a major update and a hot fix. It gets old really quick if you only use an AR and a Pistol for a whole round of warzone constantly. Fix this -Yoink-.

I’ve only had problems with the game outright refusing to acknowledge occasional games AFTER that -Yoink!- recent hot fix. Since it came out, I 've had three matches where Halo 5 acts as if I didn’t play a game - two of which I and my team had performed well in. Not only am I being skimped on REQ points, but any form of match reward. This had only become a problem following the hot fix; before it, the game would eventually recognize the completed matches, but now, it just outright ignores them.

Today I played a warzone game and whe won but
The Daily Win REQ paket and the REQ points I did not get.
The kills I’ve made, also made ​​with special weapons where not saved/given.
This was the 2nd time this happent in one week time.

2020, still a problem.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks