"Retrieving Data" all day long..so annoyed by this

I can’t do anything. Can’t do forge, can’t go to the store, can’t see my reqs, can’t use my reqs in warzone, everyone on my friend’s list is appearing as level 1’s and can’t see their profiles/Spartans/stats, etc. I’ve done multiple hard resets and nothing is working today. Is anyone else having this issue right now?
I’m just so annoyed right now. Why haven’t 343 fixed this issue yet?
My internet’s completely fine and my nat is open. What else can I do?


Same here … warzone isn’t even work for me. Getting kicked out all the time. I’m so tired of this …

I have the problem when my connection is bad in my dorm.

Have any of you tried hard resets?

I had this issue constantly… I tried everything from static ip’s for my Xbox, port forwarding and even a hard reset on my modem… This problem still didn’t go away, what I did find however, is that when I get the error, all I have to do to make it go away is 1) remove my halo disk from the console 2) settings-restart console 3) once console has started up, insert disk and voila no more error… I have used this fix now roughly 15 times and it works every time!

Yes, didn’t change anything. Now i’m even getting kicked from arena games.
Other games like destiny work fine. I just have this problem with halo 5.

This is super frustrating. Played a Warzone game the other day and couldn’t use any reqs. Hahaha. Had level 7 reqs and could only use my pistol and weapons found from the hands of dead spartans!

Try starting a custom game and ending it right away. That’s what temporarily fixes it for me when that happens. It might be a bigger issue though if everything isn’t working for you like the profiles and such.