Retrieiving Data

What up with this Retrieving Data bug in Warzone? Has happened to me a few times over weekend. Game starts, I go to put up my REQ updates and get the swirly white circle followed by Retrieving Data but nothing ever comes of it. Go full warzone w/out being able to upgrade or earn commendations for weapons and vehicles. Don’t want to quit and get reported so I end up wasting however long the game takes w/minimal commendations. This last match I got booted w/out any warning after about 5 mins w/our team in the lead. Ugh! A no win situation…

I’ve had the Retrieving Data bug happen about 3 times total, once this weekend as well. A hard reset always solves the problem.

Those games are sure a challenge. Defend the Core in Warzone Assault with a magnum and AR? Bring it on.

Happens one time a week…

It was happening yesterday and i used a legendary Bonus :frowning:

So i had to play till end.