Retreiving Data Problem Fix!

We all had that moment when you had a great game and happen to find out that it is stuck on retrieving data. Well now, there is a simple solution! First wait about 5 seconds just to make sure your data doesn’t retrieve. If it does not, dashboard than quit halo. MOST of the time it works.

Yeah this problem needs to be fixed, I thought it was only me and my sh*tty internet but I guess not! Does 343 listen to us? or do they wait for it to be a major problem across the community for them to take action? Sick of it…

-Yoink!-, I came in here thinking you found a fix

I actually love rocking the AR and magnum for an entire warzone game, and going against people with BR’s, snipers, rockets or tanks for that matter! The AR and magnum combo is especially great in the new “warzone turbo” game mode where you start the game at req level 9!

same i used a legendary RP boost in warzone turbo all Req would not work during the game and after the game still saying retrieving data…i wish i could give a big middle finger 343

That does work but you can also go to your Xb1 settings and go to multiplayer connection settings. than back to the game. I heard it from someone else and i have heard from like forty fifty people that it works.

Quitting games is never really a solution, and shouldn’t be promoted.