Reticule Bloom and Armor Abilities in Annisversary

Sorry if anyone has asked this yet, but will there be reticule bloom and armor abilities in anniversary. I know they are using the Reach engine but are they taking these things out. If they aren’t, then personally I am not buying this because this is just a way for them to get more money in my opinion.

the fact that they are using reach’s multiplayer makes me sad too…
oh well… there is always campaign…

CEA’s multiplayer isn’t just in the Reach engine. It is Reach multiplayer. You can even download the CEA maps onto your 360 and play them from Reach to have access to all of the Reach maps at once.

So yes, it will have AA’s and bloom and whatnot available.

However, the CEA TU gametypes will not have AA’s by default, will probably have movespeeds and jump heights and stuff adjusted, and will even have weapons modified to behave more like their Halo 1 counterparts.

Campaign is pure CE.

The multiplayer side with the six maps is basically two of each. You’ve got the classic versions of the maps and gametypes/gameplay, and ones that support Reach gameplay, all running on the Reach servers and netcode.

It probably won’t have bloom in the multiplayer for CEA. Plus there is a playlist thats going to come when CEA comes out called the Anniversary playlist which will feature all of the new/old maps that comes with CEA and will NOT have bloom, also it will have a modified pistol which is reminiscent of the original 3 shot pistol in the original game.

There will be no AA’s in the playlist.

I believe there are going to be 3 separate playlists, one with Reach’s gameplay (AA’s and bloom), one with ZB and no AA’s, 3rd one with 3sk pistol and classic CE gameplay (No AA’s, bloom, w/e.)