Reticiles of Leader Powers not showing up

Yesterday I played a multiplayer game like normal. I turned off my Xbox and started playing again today and noticed that the Reticle circles (like Forges Cluster Bomb, Glassing Beam, etc, aren’t showing up when I play. Did I disable something in game? Has anyone expirienced this? I tried googling and looking if any update happened but nothing.

Not too long ago, I was playing a 3v3 as shipmaster and I didn’t know if I set the first tactical gateway marker correctly because it wasn’t showing me if I marked it at a certain area, and when I used it next to my troops, the portals were 5 yards from each other lol. I could not tell where I placed the first gateway because it didn’t appear on my screen (the red reticule would usually mark the first point, but it didn’t appear)