Resvising the ranking/progression system

Halo matchmaking has appealed to many different play styles. People like to Casually game and gain in game Rank, Armor, and other miscellaneous things.
With Bungie’s newest halo release they tried to appeal to both at the same time in the same way. This was a mistake, you can still appeal to both but both should not be forced into the same system. Each person likes to gain things in different ways, EXP, cR, and Commendations.

I Propose that 343 does away with the current cR system, and refine it to appease everyone.

EXP: We need EXP progression back in some way, Wins, MVP, ect. It NEEDS TO BE BACK! EXP progression would be based upon W/L, and if MVP. If one wins they get 1 Exp Point, if one is MVP of the game they get 1 Exp point, if one quits out of a game they get a -1 EXP penatly. MVP would be based upon, but not limited to: Kills, Deaths, Objective Captures/Plants, and Betrayals. EXP would have Ranks that show up on the Players Nameplate. There would be 50 Ranks, All having a different symbol and Name (Displayed similar to how divisions are now in Arena). This rank would be displayed at all times if one chooses to do so.

cR: cR would still exist, It would have its own refined Ranking system. cR would work like CoD’s current Exp. Progression system like it should have (It does not at all follow CoD’s System right now).

cR would still be used to get Armor, but prerequisites would have to be met to buy them, This is where commendations would have to be met. Some armor could be bought just by having the money, but more special armor would have to be earned, and sometimes earned and paid for with cR (Recon, Mark VI, Ect.). cR would have a displayable rank, with the ability to Prestige (up to 25 times) if one chooses to do so, it makes cR earning 1.5 the initial cR payout (Does not include medals, only Kills, Wins and Objective based cR). Max rank would be at 500,000 cR.
Commendations, Achievements, and Prestige # would all be required for a certain armor.

cR would work as follows: Win = 500cR, Kill = 30cR, Assist 15cR, Flag Capture 25cR, Flag Capture assist =15cR (Carry the current flag before reset for 25% or more of the time when out), Bomb Detonation = 30cR, Detonation Assist =15cR, territory Captured 20cR, 3 Plot territory captured 10cR, Headshot kill = +5 cR, Snipe Kill = +7 cR, Assassination kill = +15 cR, Beatdown Kill = +5 cR, and any other medal = +3 cR.

One would have the choice to display either EXP Ranks, cR Ranks, or both one his/Her nameplate.

Agree, or disagree? Please tell me why, i want this to become a good discussion thread of what a new progression system should look like for Reach’s later life.

About the only thing that I think needs to be changed about the current system is that there needs to be much more of a bonus for winning, enough of one to offset any potential cR gained by kill farming in objective and Arena ranks need more promeninent.

I completely agree about kill farming, Anything other than objecive based medals and actions should result in 25% of its normal payout.