Resurgent Victory - Warzone

First of all I feel I must disclaim - this may be a long post:

So I’m playing Warzone solo and I’m on a run of games and things are as per usual neither here or there. Win a game, lose a game, do well, not doing well… etc. Not really feeling all that in to playing so I think of calling it a night. I’ve realised I have just over 10k Reqs and proceed to buy a Gold Pack, thinking see what I unlock and be on my way. So I open the pack and bam! I got a ONI Mantis certification, now I have to play one more match to try this sucker out.

All fired up - I start a Warzone match, its Escape from A.R.C. We (Blue Team) clear out the home base in decent time and as some handle the Sangheli General we go and cap our Armory facing little opposition from Red Team, who by now have also capped their Armory. So its a chilled start to the match as no team is bum rushing the opposition’s Armory and I’m OK with that. So we Blue Team proceed to challenge for the Garage and start capturing it but Read Team mount an attack and take it. This is where things start to go downhill.

Soon after Red Team are gunning for our Armory and have us pinned. Baron Sraom has spawned and we’re getting pushed hard, Can barely defend our Armory let alone make it out to try and take down Sraom - and then Red Team take down Sraom, cap our (West) Armory. Now I’m thinking game over, I’ve played enough Warzone games to know what happens next; ’get ready for Red Team to start farming kills and drag this match as long as they can’ . I can see it unfolding so I’m thinking I don’t want to face a wall of bullets on foot everytime I spawn and die and keep repeating that. So what Can I do? I’m at Req level 5 and I’m scrolling through my reqs seeing what is available as I decide to throw the dice on a random rare vehicle card and see what I get and how I can somehow enjoy this obviously slow painful lost match. Call me a defeatist - I don’t care!

Anyway, what do I get? A Banshee Ultra and I’m like happy days I can work with this. So I start flying around and attempt at getting some kills but there is an onslaught of bullets every time I try. Red Team are in mass outside our Home Base and wont give me an edge - and why would they. They’re scattered all over ‘our yard’ trying I’m guessing to ‘farm some killage’. With this in mind I cautiously maneuver to get some kills and circle back to recover and then back to get some more kills etc. I make no attempt at going for the AI bosses or to go and capture any base. I glanced once at the score we must have been down 200+ points at least.

I had just got a killing frenzy when I hear that we have captured East Armory. I had been so focused on killing Red Team, and as I suspect Red Team were equally focused on farming and getting kills on us they had neglected to protect East Armory. Not once did Red Team attempt to destroy our core and that was their down fall. They had snipers on the rooftops and spread allover. I am sure if they had wanted they could have ‘cored’ us (as the cool kids say)

As soon as we captured East Armory I ventured out a little more. Red Team seemed to be a little distracted now from the kill farming. They send a few to try and recapture East Armory. They call in heavy vehicles and weaponry. All of a sudden I’m getting mowed down by the unmistakable sound of an ONI chain gun! I fly to cover and get low. I circle the garage, oh wait its a enemy with the turret not a warthog. Banshee bomb! Die -Yoink-! Now a resurgent Blue Team capture the garage as the by now panicked Red Team start to fall apart. Another Blue Team spartan calls in a Banshee Ultra. Now Red Team call in the anti air weaponry They have a splaser out… I take it down with strategical flying, taking care not lose my Banshee… What I get hit by charged plasma shot, down I go, I hit the floor, I can see an enemy spartan running towards my Banshee. Luckily EMP wore off just in time and I boost it out of there. I get hit again! this time I land on the roof. Now Fellow team mate Banshee Ultra is getting shot as well. I boost it out of there! I do a fly by and kill what I can Enemy Scorpion, Spartan I kill without prejudice.

Out of nowhere I get hit by a Banshee bomb, I turn around, its my team mates Banshee Ultra hijacked by the enemy. I manage to take it down - air to air reversal -Yoink-! I can only manage a few more kills before my war damaged banshee meets the end at the hands of an Ad Victoriam wielding enemy. It is at this point I look at the score and realised to my surprise that we had taken the lead. We were up 750 to 600something!

Now I remember why I’m playing this match in the first place. I call in an ONI Mantis and I’m enjoying my new toy. -Yoink-! I’m about to get boarded! - team mate wrecks him with a shot from his wraith. You scratch my back I scratch yours. Kill some more Reds and wreak havoc…Wait I’m being boarded again! Another team mate take dive from the Garage roof and ground pounds that Red to hell. I see that Warden Eternal has spawned but we’re on over 900 points scored - How? Blue team mast have taken down all the bosses that Red Team forgot about. Anyway Blue Team now as perhaps an act of payback completely ignore warden and continue killing Reds, just as I too carry on gunning with the Mantis for the remainder of the match, which we win 1000-768.

For a match that I thought was already lost, I must say I was pleasantly surprised and I ended up getting 41 kills, got a Rampage and successfully tried out an ONI Mantis and best of all really enjoyed Halo 5 for a change. I am relieved that I didn’t get disconnected nor was there much of any other annoyances such as lag/latency issues that this game suffers from frequently.

The point of all this - Karma is a -Yoink-! Serves Red Team right for trying to farm kills. Farmers Beware - Resurgent Spartans be a lurking

haha damn man… what a Novel! nice read! :smiley:
The way you wrote made me paint a picture in my head with all that was going on in the game! :smiley:
Nice to see more ppl sticking to their guns and keep killing and turning the tide!