Restricted from file share

everytime itry to go into theater mode or access my fileshare, it says im restricted, but my settings are online saftey settings are of, help know whats going on, please

Have you been tagging inappropriate tags or creating inappropriate photos or maps? That may cause you to be banned from Theater and File Shares. Try tagging a file, then try playing in matchmaking and let me know if that works or not.

NOTE: Not a 343 or Bungie employee, all of this is suggestions, and are perfectly liable to not work.

ive tagged nothing inappropriate in my tagges, its been fine till yesterday night

In all honesty, assuming your GT is the same as your username, it’s probably because you have 69 in your GT.

so mabye if i change my gamertag, itll fix the problem?

Who knows. Nerd had the same problem, we all assumed it was cause he had “nerd” in his GT.