Response/explanation of agreement to Halo 5 range

I have come to realize there are a lot of people on these forums that think that Halo 5 is very “balanced”, and that because each weapon plays it’s role (killing whatever is in its effective range) and beating the opposing weapon, that this is a good thing. I would disagree with this, simply because there are so many other factors that play a role in how someone is killed, and I do not agree with the statement, " I have this weapon, therefore I should always win when using it at its optimized range, because the other guy had a weapon out of that given range". Though I agree that this is “balanced”, technically Halo has actually never been balanced if you go by this standard.

Don’t believe me? Was Halo 2’s Br more powerful than an SMG at close range? Did Halo 3’s AR always win at close range when combating a Br? Was Halo CE’s Magnum balanced compared to literally any other weapon? These questions simply show you that Halo has actually never technically been balanced, but instead, I will try to emphasize the point of another type of balancing…


Throughout Halo’s history, the best weapons that one can get ahold of are either power weapons, or the hardest to use primary weapons in the game, Such as the Br. Though some of you will argue that the Br was not a hard to use weapon, I would argue that, at least in Halo 3, the Br took a decent amount of skill to use, even though it was the most (overall) powerful weapon in the game, (that wasn’t a power weapon) only skilled players could use it effectively. Again, though this is opinion, I think that the concept of having a weapon that is overall better than other weapons, or that has close to the same kill time as others, is a good idea if it is truly harder to use than those weapons, and should obviously be widely available to anyone who wants one, considering it is the go-to-weapon in that given game. By the way, just a side note to all and any COD haters, COD makes every weapon useful, while some have less range or more than others, every weapon is truly a killing machine… Sounds a lot like Halo 5.

I’m typing on my phone right now, and will get to the range part in about an hour and a half, because I want to get home and use a pc instead of this piece of junk.

People need to understand this. Halo’s sandbox has always been balanced around a precision utility weapon. The AR does not exist for people who suck with the magnum to be able to otherwise contend. That’s precisely how we end up with situations like H5.

Variety though, amirite?

I think youve built a strawman. Who is arguing that the AR should always win within its optimal range over other weapons?

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> I think youve built a strawman. Who is arguing that the AR should always win within its optimal range over other weapons?

Noobs too used to COD and the near-god-teirness of assault rifles there.
Or Destiny with its OP Auto Rifles (though I guess that got balanced…)
I never see any issues with it. You get killed at close range by a pistol when you have an AR you got outplayed. You should have had your own pistol out or you should have straifed more.