Respectful request for separating AR and BR Team Slayer

My friends and I have been quite surprised and disappointed to see that our favorite “meat and potatoes” game mode, Team Slayer, has been vastly changed in Season 2. 7/12 maps (58% of matches) require a BR start, and some of our favorite maps (like AR Slayer in Bazaar) have been removed entirely.

I understand that many players prefer BR start in Team Slayer, and I have nothing against them, but I’m also quite sure that many do not. Standard AR Team Slayer is the classic, brilliantly balanced, varied mode for casual players like myself and my friends. By contrast, BR Slayer seems to promote a much more defensive and tactical playstyle, with long-distance line-of-sight management and headshots being the dominant strategy.

I imagine everyone will agree that BR and AR Team Slayer are two completely different experiences that promote players to play in completely different ways, and thus will appeal to different types of players. However, by mixing AR and BR start in a single Team Slayer mode, instead of pleasing everyone, I feel it will please nobody. BR start fans will be annoyed by AR starts, and AR start fans will be annoyed by BR starts (and no, Fiesta is nowhere near the same experience). I’ve already experienced a ton of BR starts where several players immediately quit, and I imagine this is exactly why. I understand a legitimate caution the developers might have of overly fragmenting the matchmaking pools if Team Slayer is separated into two modes: BR Team Slayer and “classic” Team Slayer, but I feel that the alternative of the new combined mode, pleasing nobody and having lots of quitters, is much worse for matchmaking health.

The new combined BR/AR mode was especially surprising to us, as BR Slayer is already heavily featured in Ranked play - we are not sure why the game is forcing us to play so much BR Slayer. We do not like BR Slayer (it feels to us a lot less of what makes Halo special as a PvP team shooter), and are finding ourselves struggling to find a regular playlist we enjoy in this new Season. My suspicion is that there are many more casual players like myself and my friends, maybe even a silent majority of Halo Infinite’s player base who appreciate the aggressive, brawl-heavy, run and gun gameplay of standard AR Slayer.

This is likely the first and last post I will ever make on this forum, and it is just to respectfully ask to not shut the door on casual players like us. We loved Team Slayer in Season 1 and don’t want to have to abandon the best Halo multiplayer experience we’ve had in many, many years because it is forcing us to play a tactical mode we do not enjoy.

All the best, and good luck in making the game the best it can be for everyone.


I want this game to be healthy enough for a robust match composer to allow players to self-select for things like BR/AR/Both starts in individual playlists. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s got anywhere near the population to allow for that kind of granular control.

There’s no denying that BR and AR starts are very different and appeal to different players. While I’m okay with either, BR starts tend to make for sweatier feeling matches which is absolutely a turn off for more casual minded players.

Casual feeling matches can be pretty few and far between in this game, in my experience, and I think that’s a big issue.