Respawn timer stuck in Halo 2

Just played a game of H2C SWAT CTF and the respawn timer stuck either at 4 seconds or 9 seconds at least one-third of the time. Very annoying.

same happened to me last night and i think when it occurs it happens to multiple ppl in game because slowly ppl started quitting mid game

This happened to me yesterday in classic Halo 2. I assumed it was just lag, but perhaps I was wrong.

It was probably lag. There was a lot of lag in that match, after all.

This has now happened to me in multiple games, its starting to get a bit ridiculous. Even if this is lag, its lag on dedicated servers, which is pretty unacceptable to be honest. Ive just had to sit here and watch three quarters of a swat game, whilst my team had a man down and got decimated.

i get this -Yoink- every single match and many times each match… i HATE it