respawn not working

Alright so I’ve made my first forge map and i love it the problem is the respawn. i cant get the respawn points to work in anything other than forge mode. every time i play it puts me waaaay off on the other side of forge world. I’ve tried respawn zones and even covered everywhere i didn’t want to respawn in anti zones. please please please tell me what I’m doing wrong. oh and after i get this little problem taken care of i hope some of you might like to test it out for me with any critiquing.

What gametype?

Check your advanced settings on your respawn zones. Sounds like the objects (respawn zones) are not tagged to res_zone.

Make sure it 1) Has a team color 2) Is for all game types 3) And check that it is in a respawn zone to encourage the A.I. director to spawn players there. That’s what I did.