Reshade Broken Since Patch?

Reshade has always been a pain to get working with Infinite but since the latest patch I haven’t been able to get it to work at all, suddenly broken and game just black screen’s.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fix it, found alternate fixes since the intro videos problem changed yet again, but once you get past that it black screen’s (not frozen and mouse pointer is there) before menu. The second you add the dxgi thing to your folder it seems to block you. Anyone have any joy yet or find a workaround? Maybe it’s just me having this and it;s working for everyone else, if so please share your secrets hah.

has it been fixed yet? Also can you get banned for using it?

you can fix it by updating reshade oddly. May seem obvious but the 2 didn’t coincide. Pretty sure the new reshade was out way before the patch, but the newer version of reshade works around whatever the Infinite patch borked regardless. In my experience so far no you’re fine :slight_smile: Also having talked to help team on here about fixing it they at no point said “reshade isn’t allowed” just that they couldn’t help with it sadly.