Resetting Ranks

If they are going to reset our ranks then make it to where we can earn points towards the Battle Pass in Campaign kind of like we could in Halo MCC you could earn points in in PvP and Campaign

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I like this idea. Being able to earn rewards is such a great incentive to play the various modes. Once we get our hands on Forge having various rewards for Forge World would be a nice way to have players try out other things.

Can you elaborate a touch more on your specific ideas around this?

I’d like a reason to go back into the camapaign and I’m sure they’ll add something like that once there’s a way to replay levels.

Resetting ranks doesn’t have anything to do with the battle pass though.

I thought rhe battle pass was how you ranked up

No - they’re talking about ranked matches.


I just hope that CSR and MMR will be reset

Well I would like to be able to use weapon and vehicle skins, weapon charms and my customized Spartan if I so choose in campaign oh and the different visor colors to

I that it was pretty simple just let us earn points towards the battle pass in campaign like we could in Halo MCC

Wait, you can’t play as your customizable Spartan in campaign? I literally did not know that.

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Yeah I don’t know what 343 was thinking kind of sucks

That’s actually extremely lame and a big missed opportunity for sure on 343i part.

Isn’t Reach the only campaign where you could play as your customized Spartan?

Looks like they’re resetting them on Tuesday

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I’m not sure I understand how increasing the max placement to Diamond 5 would help make the ranks more accurate, not to mention the way the CSR journey would feel going from D5 to Onyx. For me, that would be less satisfying…

As many players placed into Diamond to begin with, I was expecting they would have gone the other direction – perhaps Platinum 1 as max placement, and then allowed the system to gather more data in subsequent matches to allow CSR to align with skill.

Or, alternatively, gone beyond Onyx to a Champion rank for an even wider distribution.

I might be missing something here…

The key hightlight is “this will not affect most players”

I don’t think the starting point is the issue.

What they need to do is bring everyone back into the expected pattern; a normal distribution with a mean of 900 and each division representing a standard deviation from the mean.

I assume they are going to have to adjust the gains/losses of CSR to do this.

The starting point is just somewhere to the left of your skill curve. Yes, it gives the system a little bit more time, but remember it pretty much knows where you are after 10 games - and has you pretty much nailed by 50 games.

And the ‘journey’ is even less of a moot point by now. People have 100’s of games under their belts. There is no point making them “start again from scratch”.

And oh well, I’ve enjoyed my brief foray into Diamond. :slight_smile:

I get the impression that the bloating of the curve was exaggerated to the right… so I think players will fall harder the higher they are.

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What they need is a dynamic system that lets them keep control of the population and keep it, more or less, in a normal distribution.

Currently it’s a base CSR change (eg. 15 points) multiplied by a weighting that reflects your rank vs the opponents rank.

All they need to do is add a dynamic rank weighting. If there are too many people in that rank (eg. Diamond 3) then a small weighting is applied to push them in the direction the population needs (up or down).

Do we know what the base points for Infinite are? In Halo 5 I think it is was +15/-15 for Bronze to Diamond and +3/-8 for Onyx. Or at least something like that. You could now even have a different range for each rank - depending on where they need people to shift.

So, if they need people to move from Diamond 3 to Diamond 2 then the base CSR points for that rank could be +12/-15.