So I took a break from Halo 4 for christmas and played games I got for christmas. I decided to jump on and found that I was reset(not rank) and my classes were default and armour still unlocked but reset to recruit. I didnt think it was a big deal until I went to campaign to do a challenge and found out my campaign is reset. I have beaten it on legendary sol.o and dont want to do it again. Is there anyway I can get my stats back?

I’m not sure, I’m not an xboxlive player but same thing happened offline in Reach (ps: train tracks scare AT & T)

Logged onto reach and get the tutorial, male famale BS, it was a glitch i later found out and would’ve been fixed if I want to xbox dashboard

but went though, no armor Recruit, no missions completed

Oh and I beat it all over gain, and I can’t save the last mission, i rebeat autumm and I beat th next level ending it, even watch credits, mainscreen check, checkpoint only for last mission, my profile feels like a joke, It also paused my rank when i braught it up to warrant officer, jsut found last month i could finally go upward

Now I’ve got another profile offline LT. Colonel, and i’m just detached from my main, atleast H4 works for now, even so i gave the acc for a friend to use if he wanted to replay it so i have a restart profile

EDIT: I hope 343I didn’t replicate it in H4 somehow