Reset to SR 1 since Friday (12/7)

Is this happening to anyone else? I’ve tried deleting the title update and re-installing it. I’ve tried re-downloading my player profile. I’ve tried playing on a different machine. When I go to and try to check out my stats I get this error code:

> Halo Waypoint Service Problem
> The Halo Waypoint Services are having trouble. Please try again later.
> EBABDB7A-A5CC-48CF-A1A6-D5F5A5A0A522
> error code

I don’t have access to my loadouts, challenges, commendations and I quickly reach my offline XP limit so ranking up is then locked out too. Everything I’ve read online in 343’s FAQ says that you’re only supposed to spend 10 minutes on these “hopper servers” but it’s been 5 days!?! It’s so frustrating. Anyone else experiencing this because I’ve yet to see another SR1 in my lobbies?

hmmmm maybe the error code is really a spec code for our European players, try using the error code to redeem something, you may get the second map pack for free as well! who knows with 343i & MS these days, nothing is working as planned. the biggest cluster mess I have seen in quite a while. for a AAA title its been mess after mess. gmae lag, spec code mess now the map pack mess. 343i blames MS , MS says its 343i coding…whatever! its just one big cluster phhhhuuuunk!

You’ve been banned.

y u ban?

> You’ve been banned.

Ha! I’m beginning to think that with the lack of response or explanation I’m getting. But, trust me, I didn’t do anything to deserve a ban if that is the case. It’s just crazy frustrating to not have an answer or anyone to pose the question to get an answer.