Reserve a Halo 5 clan space!

Hello troopers of tomorrow! We are recruiting for our clan that will come out in Halo 5 Guardians and WE NEED YOU TO JOIN! Our goal as a clan is to restore peace, give people a voice and have fun. We have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a website! You will have the chance to be on YouTube too!

“How do I join The Republic?”

“Its simple you can go to our website and go to the “Join the clan” page and enter the required information! :
Or you can go to our YouTube channel and ask there in the discussion, comments or send a message! :
Or message me on Xbox LIVE! : Sign in to your Microsoft account
Or ask on our Facebook page! : Redirecting...
Or our Google+ page! :


“How do I benefit from this?”

You can make new friends, gain skills in training, be a protector of peace and have fun!

“What do I do when I join?”

“You will go through lots of training and you will be put in a squad of 4 cadets, with these cadets they are YOUR team to get past all the training together and when we find what your skilled at they we will put as for example, if your good at sniping you will be a recon!”

“What happens if I get put as for example gunner if I don’t like it?”

"Don’t worry, if you want to be for example, a recon we will train you more sniping skills!

“What can I do to help The Republic?”

“Well you can respect each other, recruit your friends and family and give nice suggestions!”

“Can I be on YouTube?”

“Yes you can! Soon we will get an Elgato Game Capture HD60 to record and a copy of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 to make great effects and animations!”

“Can I post videos about The Republic?”

“Yes you can, as long as you be responsible!”

“I am not sure if I am getting an Xbox ONE, what should I do if I want to join The Republic?”

“Dont worry, you can still reserve a space just in case!”

“OK thank-you for the information”

If you want to join then please go to our media and ask there.
You also have to change your armour, emblem, colours, service tag, clan tag and your emblem colours.
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Facebook : Redirecting...
Website :
Xbox LIVE ; Sign in to your Microsoft account
Google+ ;
Please join - The Republic.