Reruiting for the ecf

my name is BULLETFREAK01 and i am the leader of the clan ECF which is short for the elite command force andt we are looking for skilled recruits.example marksmen,breachers tacticians,espionage (spys) and vehicular operators and most importantly forgers . yes you do have to go through training camp.its simple and you must go through it and you will get promoted for it.for those who are really good in combat and over all im looking for a few special positions,master at arms,1 general position,director of the airforce,director of the navy,commadant of the marine core,director of the rangers,and a few officers,if you want to join please send a message to me BULLETFREAK01 and i will get you set up with your rank

Do i have to change my name?
A:no you dont have to the only thing you will need to change is your clan tag and emblem (for rank)