Requisitions - My Packs - Gold Gift Pack

Can I open the Gold Gift Pack under My Packs in Requisitions for myself or I can only share it to a friend? If so, how do I share it to a friend?

What is says under the Gold Gift Pack:

Share the carnage with your friends! This pack can only be opened as a Gift and contain a large amount of Uncommon to Legendary REQs. 2 REQs will be permanent unlocks if available.

You can only gift that req pack to a friend. I don’t remember how to gift it to them cause I gave mine away years ago lol but maybe when you’re looking at that pack it will show which button it is to gift it to someone

If I remember correctly, the option to gift the pack will be reveal when a player attempts to open this packs.

This - and it can only be done in-game now, not on Waypoint.
And they need to be on your friends list.

You have to press X to be able to share it to a friend right?

It should tell you what button to push in game.

It doesn’t tell you what button to press in game but I figured out that you have to press X to be able to share with friends.

If it’s a normal Gold pack you have options.

If it’s the special 1-time gold pack you get for making a new account, your only option is to gift it - so you can mash the buttons with impunity, you’ll find it :slight_smile: