Requisition time

So I still only have 12 armor pieces in my customization. How long will it take to obtain all other pieces in game by playing regular multiplayer playlist?

Well, I’ve got over eleven days worth of multiplayer under my belt and I’m still missing about a hundred pieces of armour. If you’ve only got twelve unlocked, you’re looking at a LOT of multiplayer to get the rest.

Similarly, at SR106 i’ve unlocked 163 (of 229) but that includes the use of REQ boosts.

Halo 5 is a very grindy game and there a lot of games like that now a days so I’m not gonna be upset at them over it but you have to commit to play a lot if you want all the armor and even though you play on social playlist swat playlist is best when grinding for req points

Estimate at least 200 hours.