Requisition packs

Personally I fell that bronze packs need to guarantee 1 common unlock if available, or have a higher chance at getting common unlocks if available. This will save req points and make for better silver packs which in time will result in better gold packs thus leading to happier players. I feel as tho purchasing silver packs is a better way at getting the same as a bronze, but with guaranteed unlocks if available and the usual silver pack stuff. The gold and silver packs to me are fine (excluding DMR certifications but that’s a different topic but falls under the same category) in the sense that they provide as much as they can based on what has already been unlocked.

I don’t agree. The Bronze packs are fine. Two quick Arena games will net you enough for two packs. Yeah you make not unlock a perm every time but they’re so cheap it doesn’t realm matter.

I’ve skipped bronze altogether. It may take longer, but I just have more fun opening silver than bronze.

I did a few weeks of bronze then moved to silver, really it comes show l down to how much I and whoever feels the same about purchasing packs and how much one wanna to put up with not getting an unlock every time