REQUIRED DLC for Infinity Slayer & Flood?

So after about a month and a half of not playing Halo (getting settled into college) I finally get some down time to play.

But to my surprise both Infinity slayer and Flood REQUIRE DLC. WTF 343? Hands down dumbest move I’ve seen any developer do to their game. Just because your DLC wasn’t popular doesn’t mean making it required in two of the arguably most popular playlists will make people buy it.

allow me to help.

first off, flood only requires you to have ‘forge island DLC’ which is FREE, so thats no problem IMO, its not like you have to pay for it…

second, infinity slayer requires MAJESTIC ONLY, and its just a test… its not permanent…

Flood and several other playlists only require the Forge Island DLC map, which is free.

Chillax, Chicken.