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About TEAMHALOSWAT: TEAMHALOSWAT, or THS for short, mostly makes Halo Machinimas, but also Live-Streams team members playing Halo on occasion.

THS was created in 2007 by BHL KrzKilla as just a little fun group for a couple of friends to play Halo 3 together. THS later died in 2009, but in 2010, THS was revived by HAL0 M4N as a team to make Machinimas.

Behind Requiem: THS’s main Machinima series. The idea of Requiem started in mid-2011. “An epic storytelling Machinima series with much back-story to tell and mysteries to solve. Oh, and Zombies. Lots of them.” - HAL0 M4N’s main idea when he first thought of the Machinima series.

Requiem is a Machinima action/drama/mystery series written, directed, and edited by HAL0 M4N. Co-directed and co-edited by BHL KrzKilla. Main voice actors are HAL0 M4N, A Water Bear, and BHL KrzKilla.

Requiem - The Eden Chronicles
Various stories told on the planet Eden during the Conflict on Eden.

Requiem - Season 1 Playlist

Plot: On January 22, 2603, Humans and Sangheili discover a new planet they call Eden: A nice haven for tourists and vacationers alike to visit. Discovery of this planet leads scientists to the discovery of a new element: Element 116. After 7 months, learn what happened to make these discoveries some of Humanity’s biggest fears, and biggest threats…

Follow four survivors who wake up in the middle of the chaos as they try to get to safety and while doing this, they discover the origins of the virus while also fighting many zombies, secret agents, and even themselves.

Watch Episode 1
A sergeant of the UNSC wakes up in the middle of chaos with no memory of the past 48 hours and is with people he has no idea of who they are… or their intentions.

Watch Episode 2
The crew swim to shore and the Sangheili explains what has happened in the past 48 hours.

Watch Episode 3
The crew wake up to a horde of zombies at their doorstep.

Watch Episode 4
The crew head for their new objective.

Watch Episode 5
The crew have only one choice if they want to get to the safe zone: kill every single zombie in their way.

Watch Episode 6
A hard, but necessary decision is made.

Watch Episode 7
The crew make it to the city. A city once filled with peace and life, but now left with destruction and death.

Watch Episode 8
The crew and survivors fight off hordes of zombies as what at first seems like help arrives.

Watch Episode 9
With Obbe at the crew’s mercy, he better have some good explaining to do if he wants to live.

Watch Episode 10
More news of past tests on the zombies are revealed as the crew finds a curious mechanism.

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