Requiem Revengence & Act Of Genesis

Does anyone know how to unlock these two stances? It states that they are available from the campaign, but I have 100% all collectables, did the campaign on legendary, and just recently completed LASO but they are still not unlocked. Is it just bugged or is there some secret thing that I have to find?

Yeah having the same issue, wonder if its a bug or they forgot to add those into Mjolnir lockers lmao

There is an update tomorrow to fix some of the stuff that should have been unlocked through the campaign. Ima wait until that is out. If we don’t have it after that than It probably has to do with finding none achievement based secrets around the world.

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After the update today on 12/14 these two stances are still locked. As of now it is still unknown if it is still bugged or a secret campaign item.

Anyone have a armor locker at the very south end of the map that does not appear at the marked location. Even searching in the nearby area couldn’t find anything.

And I didn’t see a place to go under/in the ground either

I don’t think these stances are locked behind mjolnir cases, collected every single one and got the achievement, every cache unlocked something but these stances are still locked. Maybe they will drop extra campaign achievements soon or maybe they are bugged?

It’s not currently known how to unlock these stances unfortunately.

There are many on a very south side. Which FOB is it by?

I would also add that the “Infinity” weapon charm should be put on this list as nobody knows how to unlock it through the campaign either.

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My guess is there is some secret puzzle thing you have do in order to unlock them… like fly through the artifacts in a certain order or find all the easter eggs… maybe?..