Requiem Raider Armor Unlock

All right, we have a few topics on this, but I’ll post everything I’ve come up with WITHOUT solutions, just hints, for the unlocks, so go have fun unlocking it yourself.

You get the shoulders by going to the Waypoint home page online and looking at the news, when the third one comes by, there’s the puzzle. The second puzzle is after you click on the first puzzle from the home page, the tag Classified on the side brings you to the section where the other puzzle with Covenant gun and difficulty puzzle is (hint: think alphabetical order with the groups) and two other videos. The “Making of” video has a puzzle piece at the end of the video that doesn’t fit in the first puzzle. The other video I couldn’t find any pieces or glyphs.

So post below what you find. I would like this helmet to complete the set!

P.S. the waypoint for xbox 360 news has this, so you can find these puzzles there as well.

hope this isnt too late

Requiem Archive Code 1 (Raider Shoulders) -

Requiem Archive Code 2 (Raider Torso) -

Requiem Archive Code 3 (Raider Helmet) -

Archive 3 Code 1 (ONI) -

Archive 3 Code 2 (Wiseguy) -

Does anyone know how to unlock the Raider Helmet (Complete)
I am 16/17 Waypoint unlocks, but I don’t understand what it means by complete all technical aspects etc