Requiem Archive II - Torso Code??

Hi guys, this is the first time i’ve ever written in the Halo forms. Anyway, I just beat Halo 4 solo on legendary and am super eager to get the classified code for the Requiem Torso armor. I di some wondering around through the forms and have yet to find anything; though i did find the codes to the Helmet and the Shoulders part of the armor.

I read/ heard that the Torso code is still in the works of unraveling, but that post was almost a week ago. Does anyone have any word on when or if the torso code will ever get pieced together? I’m dying to get my hands on the full armor set already.

Thanks Halo community!

I have the code if you still need it, I don’t know how to put pictures of it on here though?

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Secondly, if you are still searching please look here:
Raider DSST Torso & Curious Glyph Post

Just click on the links provided on that page.
Also if you would like to keep up with the Sec 3 Operations,
Follow/Favorite this thread: Sec 3 Comms Center

Hope that helps, and if you have any more questions just ask. |

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