Requiem Archive II :HELP:

“LOCKED - Complete 1000 War Games Matchmaking games. Look for Glyphs on the DLC 1 maps and in Forum posts on” I Completed over 1000+ Games & everytime i type in the code it doesnt work. Can someone please help me!!!

did you complete 1000 matchmaking games, or just 1000 games, 'cuz the in game counter includes spartan ops and campaign

According to your detailed stats you have played over 1000 matches. But you have only completed 802. You need to complete the matches for them to count.

| Greetings Spartan!
As RazrStorm stated, you must complete 1,000 Matchmaking games.
This does not include Spartan Ops, Campaign or Custom Games.
You’re curent count 802, so you have 198 games to go.
So keep it up, and you’ll be there soon! Best of luck. |

/Tuo Silens Mors

/Semper Vigilans