requiem archive 2 helmet question


Just wondering why the ridiculous number of war games, from begging till end, need to be plaid to unlock the spec helmet in the requiem archive 2. One must play 1000 war games! I barley have 200 and every other classified item was really easy to get. So what gives and can it be changed?


You know there are two Raider helmets right? The one you are asking about just has a different pattern on it.

and some achievements are harder then others. you cant really complain about how easy or hard rewards are to get

Git on mah level brah.

Seriously though, if you want the reward you need to meet the requirements, and that’s all there is to it. 1000 Wargames may be kinda grindy, but not hard to meet at all if you play regularly (Got mine almost a year ago I think). Changing the requirement to something around what you have would be like giving out the LASO emblem to everyone who completed Heroic. And that would be lame.

1000 war games is not that hard to get, you don’t even have to win, I think. It just takes time

I am on about 940. Not far to go!