Requesting Halo 4 Weapons tuning review.

Basically, I got rid of my copy of Halo 4 for a few reasons. I don’t like the loadouts, I hate the armor for how robotic it looked, and the friggin boltshot. I could of course go on a rant on how the full charge of the bolt shot is too strong and should be the equivalent of a plasma pistol charge on your shields, but still do the damage of UNSC magnum, but I will spare the details. I just wanna know if it would be a good idea to get Halo 4 again because of the weapon tuning? Please post your thoughts on it as well.

Well, that depends. If you’re really hung up on loadouts, Pro is an option in the Infinity lists now - so you’ll get it sometimes. The armor hasn’t changed, and the boltshot is still there (though its 1SK range was nerfed).

But if those were just quick examples and your real concern was the way H4 actually played - which is much harder to describe - then you may be in luck. You see all kinds of weapons being used now. The BR is better than the DMR at mid range, the Carbine may be slightly better still. The LR has been reduced to primarily a long range weapon and can outshoot the DMR . . . but unless you’re very skilled with it (and I am not), it’s dominated by the DMR/BR/Carbine in the mid and short ranges. Automatics have had a significant reduction in aim assist but a damage buff - so if you can use them skillfully, they are rewarding. Spray and pray is less effective.

And best of all, movement speed has been increased! Games play faster.

So if those things sound good to you, I would say it’s worth a shot.

movement speed was increased? might have to play again. Been almost a month

I played yesterday for the first time in months and I’d say the gameplay is quite a bit better with the increased movement speed and weapon update. I was rocking with the Carbine.

Still annoys me how many power weapons are around, and the AA’s I think are an unnecessary addition. And, of course, spawning with plasma pistol and plasma grenades is dumb.

Essentially the gameplay is the same, and there are a lot of issues with the game still. But at this point it’s much more fun than at launch.

are there any new forge maps in BTB?

> movement speed was increased? might have to play again. Been almost a month

Base speed is now 110% in all playlists.

> are there any new forge maps in BTB?

I don’t play btb much but weapons and vehicle spawns are switched + added and there might be some more maps too.

too bad the redesigned maps are garbage.