Requesting Forge Help!

Hey there…

So, we all know how games don’t come with their own manuals anymore as a means of “saving the trees”. I’m requesting help with the oh-so-confusing “scripting” mechanic in Halo 2 Anniversary’s Forge mode. I cannot find any information on it and I have spent a good bit of time trying to figure it out in-game. Note, I understand the basic scripting procedure for operating the garage door, EMP device, etc…

BUT I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to despawn objects. I need to be able to despawn an object which setting’s are “spawn at start” are true; Meaning: when I start up a game… the object is already there… I hit a button, and it disappears.

I know it’s possible because of the official Forge reveal via IGN where the bridge is activated/deactivated (Spawns/Despawns), unless 343i scratched it before the game’s release, in which case, shame on them. :confused:

Any kind of insight to my confusion would be much appreciated!