Requesting for a refund

I was really excited about this game, as I played the first game quite a bit with friends. I’m disappointed in the frustrating issues I’ve faced, spending most of my afternoon trying to even be able to actually hit the ‘play’ button to play the game. I’m saddened to not be able to play. Best of luck to you all.

error code is 0X00000005
CV: mU7b87l9TUCx9Fzh

-Refund confirmed-
@ 2/21/17 9:30 CST

I think refunds should be offered to anyone that bought the game. I have got every Halo game that’s come out and they have been great but this game is ridiculous. I cannot play it at all. It crashes everytime, going to a black screen and then making a horrible sound before restarting itself. I wasted 65$ on a game that cannot be played.