Requesting flame and repulse grenades. feedback/suggestion

Halo infinite is doing well with its grenades already but with the addition of the repulser equipment i’d like to see a repulse grenade.

A repulse grenade.
Would do less then a half shields worth of damage and would propel all moveable entities in a radius outward, Having more force closer to the center gradually lessening to the radius edge.

The repulse grenade would be taking the role of a utility grenade capable of movement and disruption.

I would also like to see the return of the flame grenade. Its a fan favorite an would replace the splinter grenade in its denial role which is presumed absent based on the flights.

The grenades in infinite are great but I believe there is still room for these two grenades with two absent roles to cover.

Infinite has taken a great approach with focusing on sandbox again but I feel grenade variety and types are still being under utilized.
Please add.

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Flame grenade would be interesting as a area of denial tool.

As for a “repulsor grenade”…I’d honestly hate to see that added to Multiplayer. With the amount of grenade spam in Halo in general that thing would be way to disruptive in a match. Throwing players around etc - just seems like it would be more irritating to have thrown at you than a normal grenade.


well it would do very little damage to start with.
grenade spam is partly a map issue where to many nades are placed on a map. id personally only have 2 of them on a map in a neutral location.

it would defiantly be a disruptive grenade and with a well placed throw could push a enemy out of cover or even off a near by ledge.

the utility use can be really strong but i feel it will be a good edition.

I agree. Flame greande would be really cool.

A repulsor grenade would be really annoying for everyone.

More imaginable for Campaign, but if it will never exist, i don’t would miss it tbh.


The damage aspect isn’t the issue, it’s the physics mechanic behind the core design of the grenade itself.

The Repulsor equipment requires you to be close to someone to get the knock back affect to be effective. With this grenade you’re essentially removing that range barrier almost completely.
I would in theory be able to throw this across long distance and physically move a player - and they can do it to me. That’s not fun gameplay design in my opinion.
You’re creating a grenade design that nullifies player positioning and skill by creating a tool that moves players - regardless if it does damage or not; being able to move someone from any range isn’t a healthy thing to put in the game

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The effectiveness of a grenade like this is highly variable and the amount of momentel force id apply would be considerably less then the repulser.

Balance is always important and grenades can be modified in many numerous ways to balance them. Distance, Damage, Effect, Radius, Detonation delay, Does it bounce or stick, The amount carried, The map placement and the amount on a map, Its respawn rate,
Grenades are quite easy to balance.

I understand you’re points against the grenade idea but the repulser is able to do all of those negative effects but at a close range distance, multiple times,
With it being a grenade it’d become useable at a greater range while also being limited to a single use throwable.
This also means its dodgeable unlike the repulser.

To feel so negatively to the idea of a repulse grenade id have to assume you’re not a fan of the repulser at large for the same reasons you’ve made against the idea of a repulse grenade.
They would share the same short comings in full and it would be unreasonable to disregard one with out also disregarding the other.

This is exactly why repulsor isn’t so infuriating to fight. The user has to commit to a new (vulnerable) position. If you can repulse someone, they can shoot you. If they could throw a grenade that could do the same thing, all risk is removed. With a grenade you could essentially remove an opponent from a power position for free without risk. Granted with a grenade you can kind of do something similar but atleast the opponent can CHOOSE to tank the grenade or leave the position. A repulsor grenade would take that agency away from them.

I LOVE the repulsor but I think if it was in grenade form it would be awful.

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