Requested Audio Feature for Halo Infinite on Xbox/Series X

Hi! I’d like to humbly request that a relatively simple audio setting be added to Halo Infinite, and it is as follows: I’d like the option to continue outputting gamechat through my speakers even when my headset is plugged in. I like to listen to my headset plugged into my speakers because I get better audio that way, but I still like to communicate as I’m a fairly competitive player–I use a splitter to connect my mic to my controller. However, when I do this, gamechat audio no longer plays through my speakers, and I can’t hear anybody in game through my headset, even as they can hear me. This would be a tiny quality of life improvement that would make a big difference to me and I’m sure at least a few other players who have a setup similar to mine.

Drop a like on this if you think it’s a good idea, and share your own ideas for audio-related quality of life improvements below!