Request to disable friendly fire

Who is not tired of your teammates purposely getting in front of you to run over them when you use vehicles?
And worst of all, who is not tired of being banned because of them?
Especially when you are playing Halo CE. This should be very serious. I’m getting tired of being banned for that reason.
Please 343 Industries, take a look at this matter. Thanks.

Definitely agree that there should be an option for friendly fire off mode. I always have teammates that seem to run towards my grenades.

Yeah i hope when halo infinite drops they will have a better system when it comes to friendly fire which im sure they will. Trolls are bigger than ever and can see all sorts of BAD coming from it.

I think there should just be a kick option. If they kill you twice regardless of how long it was after the first you will get the option to kick them out. It’s very rare that there’s a reasonable excuse to have accidentally killed your teammate twice. MCC is far far too lenient when it comes to this. I’ve had the same single brain celled individual run me over three times within two minutes and I never got the option to boot him.

Halo 5 on the other hand lets them get away with it once and if you team kill them back they get the option to boot you. It should be first ones free then the second you get thrown out, no exceptions.

We hope that grenades don’t kill you in Infinite

Just played Halo 3: ODST campaign with some friends. Flamethrower and certain grenades would cause damage but other friendly fire was disabled. Really weird