Request: no J.I.P on Halo 5 ( Slayer , CTF, ETC )

Yup, no Join in Progress for Halo 5. At least not on Slayer , Capture the flag, Free-for-All or other modes with small number of players.

J.I.P can be good thing for Big Team, or something else that have more players.

Join in progress is tricky. It’s annoying to have teams switch. But quitters was a HUGE problem in halo 3. It was dumb. You’d get a 4v4 like one out of 59 games. That’s how bad it was…they talk trash about their teammates then quit. So…I think it should probably stay. Either that or make it so you can’t quit unless you turn off your box or accept a game invite from someone else. That could work.

i like CTF

Have it but make based on score instead of time. If a certain score is reached by one of the teams then joining in progress is impossible, or if the deficit becomes too great then it becomes impossible.

No it’s part of the experience.

And frankly I like it

I would keep it as in Halo 4

I say make it like Titanfall. If you join the game late or the point difference is too big, then a loss will not count on your record. A win will, however. As for the mechanic itself, I think it’s good. It gets you into the game faster, and thus lets you have more fun. It also greatly lessens the impact of quitting.