Request: Multiplayer AI


I believe that part of a custom AI is to you to make and design and select the voice of your AI. I believe that it has a great impact into knowing why spartans does not have advaced AIs as Master Chief with The Weapon or Cortana or even the AI of The Infinity.

But the preset AI designs is a preset, is something that YES is custom for each person for having its own AI and personality, but if I want an specific design, with a specific voice and with an specific personality I would like to have the options to do so. On the beta, we have presets with their own voice and personality and can only be changed the color that I need to unlock in order to have the color I would like.

I understand that a free to play game (multiplayer) needs to have a way to get the free to play running, even if the game costs. It needs a way to maintain itself.

I just think that make a more freedom way to customize your AI would be awesome, also to have more complex AIs designs like The Weapon or Cortana as an AI would be awesome to have on multiplayer, I will even buy it separately.

Another point I want to add, is to chose how much talk you want from your AI. If I want it to talk to me all the time like crazy or just important information or none. That option would be awesome, since each Spartan have the posibility to chose how we want out AI.

At the end, it will be our multiplayer companion each game we go. Also would be awesome that if you keep an AI longer, the more it gets to know you and your gameplay and even provide more custom talk. That would add an extra punch to really stick with your AI longer.

Is my opinion. I do not know what you think.