Request: Halo Wars Title Update information please...


I’ve recently gotten into Halo Wars multiplayer and have bought the strategy guide, but noticed some differences between the book and the game. Upon looking at the Halo Wars website, I found notes on changes for 3 separate title updates. I have also searched for information on this website and found threads about further title updates but couldn’t see notes on what actually changed.

I’ve included the information I already know below, but would someone be kind enough to include any information from title updates that I appear to be missing please?

For example, I believe you now only need 960,000 points to reach the rank of General.

Many thanks in advance…

> Halo Wars Title Update 4: December 2009
> Balance Changes:
> • Grunts now do more damage to air units
> • The Scarab now has 25% more health and does 25% more damage
> • Gremlins now requires 2 reactors to be built
> • The Arbiter now takes 25% more damage while raging
> • Hunters now focus their Assault Beam much faster
> • Brute Chopper is more effective vs. air
> Bug Fixes:
> • The Cryo/Reactor Glitch has been fixed
> • The Multiplayer Lobby should now work better for people with misaligned controllers
> • Y-Abilities should no longer have their cooldowns reset erroneously
> • Profiles that had problems accruing points in Multiplayer should now be able to gain points properly

> Halo Wars Title Update 3: July 2009
> Balance Changes:
> • UNSC Warthogs Gauss cannon damage against tanks and other heavily armored vehicles reduced by 25%
> • UNSC Warthogs build time increased by 3 seconds to 25 seconds
> • Anders research time bonus decreased to 25% from 50%. Her Research cost bonus remains unchanged at 50%
> • Covenant and UNSC turrets have 5% increased health and 5% increased damage
> • UNSC Elephants have 20% more health
> • Grenade damage type now has 25% additional damage against Warthogs and other medium armor ground vehicles.
> • Recycle basic cost return fixed to be 50% for constructed buildings.
> • Locked down bases when unlocked will now release units inside very quickly, which means that when under attack a player can now build a fighting force while locked down and then release them much more quickly than before
> • UNSC Leader powers disabled at the start of Reinforcement Matches
> • Players no longer receive points for team killing.
> • Self Destructing/Recycling buildings now gives points to opponents
> Bug Fixes:
> • Players should now find it much easier to play System Link games
> • Fixed Covenant Shield Generator Exploit
> • Invisible Units should now have invisible health bars
> • Players will no longer be able to scout opposing bases by using the area-select tool

> Halo Wars Title Update 2: May 2009
> General Changes:
> • Flaming Warthog and Honor Guard Wraith skins now available in multiplayer to players who have those skulls.
> • The option to show Unit Hit Point bars above units is now available.
> Balance Changes:
> • The number of points to reach all ranks has been reduced. General now requires 2.4 million, down from 3.2 million, and other ranks have been reduced accordingly.
> • The max number of points you can get in a single match has been capped.
> • The Prophet of Regret’s land speed is now reduced to match other leaders.
> • Vampire Tech Upgrades now increase damage done by 15% in addition to their other effects.
> • Anders Cryo Bomb Upgrades now cost 50% more supplies.
> • Anders Hawk Upgrade now costs 50% more supplies.
> Bug Fixes:
> • Multiplayer Matchmaking and Connection improvements have been put in. Players should find that their 2v2 and 3v3 teams no longer split up.
> • ‘Ready for the Sequel’ Achievement should now be rewarded properly.
> • Units on Exile and Crevice should find it easier to traverse the map.

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Does that mean there hasn’t been any other title updates, or that the patch notes for them just haven’t been released?

From what I’ve read, there will be a Title Update 5 in the future.