Request: Free Content Update 12: Helljumper Legacy

We need another content update. One that fixes bugs, and adds a lot of new content. So, i say we do a ODST theme one.
ODST Helmet (Halo 3 style)
ODST Armor (Halo 3 Style)
ODST Emblem ( Gif of drop pods coming down)
ODST visor color
Super intendant weapon skins
Halo 3 style SMG (Loadout)
Halo 3: ODST Silenced SMG REQ power weapon
Halo: CE Grenade Warthog
New Mombasa Warzone/ Warzone Firefight Map
Warzone Slayer: just straight slaying. No bases.
Valhalla remaster Arena Map
King of the hill arena playlist
Halo Reach Forge Island remaster
Forge Objects from previous games
Bug Fixes:
All of them… Don’t leave Halo 5 a mess. Clean it up.
(The ones nobody wants anyway.)
Ex: Pelicans that duplicate during the opening of warzone.
If anything, fix the glitches and add the grenade warthog. The 'Nadehog hasn’t been in since
Halo CE.

I hate to burst your Bubble Shield, but Grim confirmed back in August that no more content updates will be coming to Halo 5. We can hope for Halo 6, however.

There wont be any new content updates for Halo5.

Would be nice but no more content unfortunately just hope they are putting aeverything good and more into H6

They’re focusing on halo 6 now

As cool as this would be the others know what’s in the works hopefully we’ll at least see those bug fixes (please 343i)

Would be one hell of a jump hell jumper but the overtime content update was the last one. I am pretty sure they won’t take that statement back. Willing to bet on it actually. But it is such a good idea. Sorry for the let down.

what we really need is playable elites…