Request for the Main Menu "Community Highlights"

There’s quite a bit of dead space on the main menu so more than enough room for this. There should be “Community Highlights” showcasing cool fan clips, gametypes and maps. And screenshots, if that feature is hopefully returned.


This gives me “Bungie Pro” vibes. Im a fan of this concept.

Side note, but wasn’t there a community playlist in the past?


Correct. It was actually thinking of Bungie Pro that got me thinking about this.

In Bungie Era? They certainly refreshed playlists much better and more frequently. Something MCC is sorely lacking. Wish I could be in charge of that. I’m so sick of Swatnums dude haha.

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They can’t even limit the download-size needed for that empty menu, and then you want to add high sized content to it…

Actually the file size of maps etc is very small. And it doesn’t have anything to do with downloading it’s showing content that’s on a server.

I don’t remember when, but MCC dropped theater support for clips and screenshots before the PC launches. Any community clips would have to be in some agreed upon format that would have to be imported into Unreal Engine 4.

As a layman this sounds more complicated than it’s worth especially after seeing Bungie’s favorite get dropped after Halo Reach’s launch. The community spotlight is more than enough.

Clips and screenshots need to return. Even if they don’t do main menu features.

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No, in MCC. It was called “Community Forge Test”. It hasnt rotated back for almost 2 years and I think it only occurred once.

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The maps were incredibly fun too, featuring updated content from Forge and the ODST weapon additions, yet I don’t think they were officially added and it’s INCREDIBLY disappointing.