Request for some new equipment for Infinite down the line

Ok so the title may sound confusing so let me break it down.

I’d like to see 2 pieces of new equipment come to the game at some point,. 100% NOT at launch, but some point. These 2 pieces of equipment are: The Red vs Blue Magnet Boots, and the Red vs Blue wrist flamethrower.

These 2 pieces of equipment could add some serious craziness to the game with or without Forge being present. Now would I want these in matchmaking? Maybe only for modes like action sack or very specific social game types, but 100% NOT in competitive.

I’ve wanted these abilites in Halo since Halo 4, and while the boots might not be able to be done, I know the wrist flamethrower can 100% be done thanks to the grappleshot and repulsors existence. Both are wrist based equipement, surely one more wouldn’t hurt?

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I think someone wants to impersonate Boba Fett :smirk:


I want to impersonate Sharkface.