REQUEST: Enable spawning with equipment in Custom Games

I’d like to request a feature for custom games;

I would love to be able to spawn with equipment already in the player’s inventory in custom games, bonus points if we can change recharge rate, power, how many charges you get etc. etc.

This would make for some fun game modes and is something that I really hope to see in the future!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk


Id love a action sack playlist were everyone has infinite grapples. Spider spartans

Yes. Hopefully there are a lot more custom options coming.

Trait sets like in Halo 5 would be great - and then you can include teams, colours, starting weapons, and equipment into those traits.

Then we need the scripting ability to assign those traits (starting from the lobby).

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Infinite Zero cooldown Grapple is a absolute MUST.

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Is it just me or has this still not been addressed? How is this not something that can be adjusted yet? Every other Halo since Reach had equipment settings as day 1 adjustable.