~(-REQUEST-)~ Classic Team Slayer playlist

We are a group dedicated in getting 343 Industries to create a playlist dedicated to the style of Halo 3, Classic Team Slayer!

For a lot of us hardcore Halo fans we miss the golden years of Halo 3 & Halo 2. Reach was fun but it was different. There is a reason we stayed loyal to this series even when other franchises rose up. As the similarities between these series resemble each other those unique features that made Halo into what it is today are truly missed.

No Loadouts
No Armor Abilities
Classic Scoring
Weapons on Map


No doubt they will make a classic playlist in the feature of the game.

All I really want is slayer Pro but with radar.

But yeah, rest assured that it will probably happen.

We need to let them know how much we want it though or it might not happen.