REQUEST: Change the Watchdog armor as promised and put it on all armor cores

I know that the community that achieved 152 in Halo is a minority. But still since the game was officially released the Watchdog armor was the only armor in all of season 1 that could be used in all 3 armor cores. The community saw that everything they had fought for and achieved was actually a loveless skin, vastly inferior to their HCS counterparts. Those skins were better, but apparently 343 proved that they will only make good coatings when you pay for them.

343 knows the importance of being 152, otherwise they wouldn’t have let this color be available for all armors, and there are very few colors that can be used on various armors.

I pray that 343 will bring us the coating they promised and give us the option to use it on all cores. I doubt it would be more difficult than banning silly words from group chat.


You did hear that they’re working on cross core coatings and visors right?

You’ll get it then. Chill and be patient.

I find it hard to believe a fan dedicated enough to make it to 152 is so out of the loop that they don’t know this is coming.

But most Halo fans just wanna complain so I’m guessing that is what this is really about.

Added: they also said they were changing that coating to match the original pictures along with that red gamestop exclusive.

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Wow, throwing shade at someone for making a request over their SR 152 coating, beautiful
Only ever can see this behavior on waypoint.

People come to Waypoint to make topics that have been made before all the time. Stop being toxic over it and let a mod handle it.

As for OP, theres like 20 bigger threads about this already, so go reply and it will get bumped back up for more discussion and be seen easier by 343.


Incorrect. Wet crow, and vermillion flame were also able to be used on all 3 season 1 cores. Please
Stop spreading misinformation.