Request: can we get allied elites and jackals in a future DLC

I just really, really want the days of halo 3 where you had allied elites, and well I like skirmishers would love to have some UNSC recruited skirmishers on the ring.

lore wise it can be done easily, simply have a side mission where you go rescue some Banished defectors, and after that point you get them at FoBs.

Actually that gives me an idea for a future DLC event.


mission type info: A group of banished are requesting UNSC help, it might be a trap, or they might actually be defecting. Either way we need all the allies we can get.


Defector mission one: Skirmishers to chief

A group of skirmishers a hold out with some UNSC soldiers they released in order to show they can be trusted, problem is the banished sent a war chief after them. find them, save them and kill the warchief.

gameplay: 6 UNSC prisoners and 2 sidekick armed skirmishers are fighting off brutes, one of the Prisoners has armor (the one that can’t die.)

They are fighting a large group of plasma repeater armed brutes, a warchief with a scrap cannon being the big threat.

upon completion: 3 skirmishers added to the main fort, and FoB’s have an allied skirmisher (green armor and gauntlets

Mission two: Propaganda retreat

the propaganda grunt is saying him and some of his brothers want to defect, they are not afraid of the banished and the banished is loosing they want to be with the winners.

gameplay: head to the location, A single grunt mule and 5 grunt minors will be found along with 10 dead banished. You don’t even have to protect them, they are all armed with needlers.

REsult: you get the propaganda grunt in the fort, and needler ghost grunts at all FoB (vehicle allies)

mission three: Swords infiltrator to the UNSC

mission: a swords of sanghelios Infiltrator has been found out, him and a few of his brothers are requesting evac from teh UNSC. They know the chances are slim but they need out.

gameplay: find them, they are a group of 4 stealth elites all armed with swords, all in red armor. once you get there the banished will start dropping melee brutes in, 3 waves with the last one being a grav hammer chief. There is a few swords in the area.

Result: Valor, the 4 elites can be seen at the main fort, some times when you are in ground combat one will appear to aid you, but other wise they just sit there talking about the arbitor and area lore.

Mission five: A possible trap

A few jackals are stating they wish to defect, but they are acting strange head over there to check it out, and don’t be surprised if they try to kill you.

gameplay: you head to an area which has a destroyed banished skiff and 8 jackal freebooters as well as 6 jackal snipers. it is an ambush, they start none hostile but turn hostile right after the banished drop pods come in.

reward: valor.

mission six: snipers requesting support

This one is a UNSC sniper stating he survived do to a few jackal snipers helping him. the banished have found them, and he needs help.

gameplay: 2 allied jackal snipers, and a marine sniper all 3 of them are armed with UNSC sniper rifle, the marine is armed with the 10 round version. they are on a hill top, bellow are hostile brute snipers, you can go in any way you want but your goal is to save the snipers.

result: Two jackal snipers are added to the fort, they wear UNSC clothing and use UNSC sniper rifles.
bonus: UNSC snipers have a chance to spawn with the 10 round version.

Well that failed, uh hope people like this idea.