[Request] A daily cR cap meter on Waypoint

It’d be cool if there was a meter on my service record page that says how close I am to the daily cR limit. This would help especially with all the custom challenges being made now.

Sorry if this has been said before, I don’t visit the forums that often.

I don’t think this has ever been suggested, but it’s a very good idea.

Or at least have something that shows how much cR I’ve earned in the day so far. It’s easier than subtracting the amount you started with from the amount you have at the end of a gaming session.

I doubt they’d develop it for Halo Reach as Halo 4 is close to release and they don’t really have the time but, if Halo 4 has credits in it and there’s a credit limit, I’d definitely want this on the iOS/Android/WP7/Xbox app and on the website. It’d be very useful. :smiley:

That is a very nice idea. This would be very helpful as I am on the forums very often. Too late to happen for Reach but there is a chance for Halo 4.


I personally would not need this but I definitely think this is a good idea. Being able to track your credit progress would be a very helpful tool but as TomoK12 said, they are pretty focused on Halo 4 so I doubt they would make something like this.

Good idea nonetheless OP!