I don’t mind them. Its not like you’re forced to buy them either since you can earn enough REQ points for a gold pack within an hour if you play right and use boosts properly.

REQs for armor and everything else isnt the worst thing, I’d certainly prefer the old way of unlocking through achievements, but its whatever and its kind of nice to know that you arent limited to certain items because of preorder exclusives and whatnot.

I dont like that Emblems are REQ unlocks. I think that was a horrible decision, as it has severely ruined my image with the lack of choice and having to pray to RNGeesus for what I want (RIP crossed swords)

I’d say I am 70% content with how the REQ packs were implemented

the req is a best system in the game because is the best way to obtain a new objects , without DLC

I don’t like that visors are in REQ packs, it’s much better to just unlock them when you like rank up or in playlists

Not all Emblems are RNG yes they come in req packs, but some emblems only come in req packs that you receive after completing a commendation and ranks.

There’s definitely a new spin on armament, weapons, and vehicle acquisitions. As for the randomness of the cards , that’s deathly gonna put a magnitude of time most players may or may not want to invest . I am curious to see the overall end result of the wreck packs for someone who is what say 152 SR level. Only time will tell.

i like the fact they are all based on luck, where as reach where play time was used and meant most used armer that was the newest they had unlocked at that rank.
i just wish they were no so tight with the amount of point you get per game and the amount of unlocks per pack.
they also made half the unlocks useless to people who dont play warzone, i dont need weapon or vehicle certifications.

I love the Req system, the buzz of opening a gold pack in hope of getting a DMR and then being disappointed when I only get Recon Helmet…ah, its like a drug. I can’t stop buying them.

Yes, but I don’t think base weapons should be in REQ’s. That should be needed only for the special ones.