REQ's we'd like to see

I know that some people hate warzone, but I was curious about what kind of weapons and vehicles people wanted to see added to that game. Personally I would like the AR from Halo CE with the 60 bullet clip (which of course would be broken AF). I would also like to see the Halo CE scorpion that allowed the driver to both shoot the machine gun and the main cannon (once again probably broken AF). Any thoughts on this topic?

Gravity Hammer. …

General request (since scorpions don’t have a boost feature):
Being able to shoot someone that has mounted the scorpion tank from the front or allowing splash damage from shooting a wall your tank is next to to kill them…scorpions die way too easy.

Maps… REAL content.

None, NO MORE REQ’s we really don’t need 9000 + Weapon Skins, Armors and Mongoose / Warthog variants.

Its bad enough as it is with the RNG never giving anything good I really hate that they keep adding more trash to the pool making it even harder to get what you are after.

Id rather we get real content, not this REQ BS or “LolFree Forge Maps”

I want real maps, new game-types (Or at least the originals that should have been included at launch), better servers, and then just when the game has at least the same content as past Halos then they can work on more useless Req’s