REQs that come with updates.

From my understanding, whenever there’s an update, there are new REQs available for purchase with real money, or REQ points (if applicable).

My point is, for when thsse updates come and the limited time REQs are over, will there be a time where they all come back at a reduced cost for those who may have missed them due to certain circumstances?

For me specifically, I have gone TDY (Temporary Duty) with the military, and was unable to enjoy them like so many others.

This may be a far stretch, but I feel that perhaps in honor of the so many committed and loyal fans of Halo and 343i, and for those whom serve this country both on the battlefields as soldiers, in our streets as police officers and anyone who may have had higher priorities to choose from, that there should be a special day, week or month in which every REQ bundle to date from said updates should be available at a reduced cost.

This may not be a big deal to many, especially those who were able to be there for each update and play enough to get all the necessary REQ points to purchase them multiple times for each, but for many like myself, it just wasn’t possible and that hurts. This is a big deal to me, because I’ve invested a lot into the Halo Series as a whole, in books, media, graphic novels and of course, all of the games.

Thank you for allowing me to rant; it certainly helps take some weight of my shoulders.

Take care, everyone. Peace be with you.

They have made everything in the limited time packs available again and again. The ones that have not been brought back are unlockable through the req system.

Thank you for that.
But what I was more leaving towards was the special and specific weapon skins, armors, assassinations, stances, etcetera.

I don’t spend real money on the game, but i guess for those who do this is perfect

I have only purchased the REQ bundle when the game first came out. My point was that for many people such as myself with what I do, I can’t get on and play as often as,let’s say, a teenage on summer vacation. It just isn’t fair in my opinion.