Reqs level rebalancing

So I play wza a ton, and I can’t help but notice a lot of the weapons aren’t used because they cost too much reqs to spawn in.

Ex: why would you spawn a hydra launcher when you can spawn a wraith or ultra ghost or blood of suban.
Post your suggestions too!

1.Hydra launcher-should be 3 Reqs. This would make for more interesting battles for ghost/hog users at the start of a game. The specialized hydras should be moved down one req slot.

  1. Oni Hog-should be 4 reqs. too op for level 3 but I don’t see them all that often and with a decent team you’ll melt the gunner, up for debate.

  2. Mantis -should be 5 reqs- ok so besides the Hannibal and ONI these things are garbage, a tank is superior in every way. It’s only flaw is that its not as mobile as the mantis. Even if the mantis were 5 reqs it would still be outperformed by a gungoose/wraith/hog. It just needs some serious firepower buffs.

4.Needler- should be moved to two reqs- At least the standard needler should. I feel like no one uses it right now, it would be a great base assault weapon. I just can’t justify choosing a needler over a sword, shotty, over shield, or even op speed boost/spartan charge.

  1. Rocket Hog -should be moved to 5- I realize the rocket hog is more anti armor than anti personnel, but again I can’t justify spending 6 reqs on it. The rockets are a bit underwhelming and it shoots a tad bit slow. Would rather have oni hog

  2. Sentinel BR - should be moved to 4-too much range, too early in the match. It sucks playing offense and the defending team gets BRS before you do, then youre pretty much guaranteed to be spawn trapped. especially if your team isn’t up to snuff. Long Shot BR range is a ton more balanced.

  3. binary rifle- should be moved down to 4 - this gun sucks for shooting Spartans, and that’s not even bring up the awful starting ammo count . But at level 6+ reqs there are way better anti armor choices(the answer, splasers, rockets)

  4. Scattershot - should be moved down to 3- its worse than a standard shotty and costs more. At level 4 reqs I would rather spawn in the 2nd best shotgun(blaze of glory) than this mediocrity

  5. Plasma Turret - should be moved to FREE- these things yoinking garbage. are only good for selling. Slows your movement to a crawl, inaccurate, weak, slow projectiles, costs 3 reqs. and most importantly- no commendation rewards- haven’t seen anyone attempt to use one, besides me.

And that’s all I can reallly think of while I’m taking a dump at work

Post your suggestions!